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24/7 Emergency Response
  • Customer Testimonials

    Just a note to say Thank You for a great job done! — Margaret D.

  • Our Service Areas

    • Alamance County, NC
    • Orange County, NC
    • Durham County, NC
    • Wake County, NC
    • Guilford County, NC

Methocarbamol italiano, Methocarbamol uk

Call Emergency Response and Renewal 24/7 at 336.227.5598

firesmokeThere aren´t many things that happen as quickly or are as impacting on a home or business than fire. Smoke penetrates nearly every surface. Often after a fire, owners are left feeling as if there isn´t hope for recovery. Emergency Response and Renewal is certified in the restoration of your home and its contents. Not all is lost and what can be effectively salvaged brings you back in your home. Extensive construction experience from us will give you your home back in move in condition quickly with unsurpassed quality.

Our team at Emergency Response and Renewal is ready to respond to fire emergencies within 1 hour of your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These IICRC certified technicians understand the need for a rapid response to get the recovery process underway.

fire damage Burlington NC

Methocarbamol italiano, Methocarbamol uk

  • 24/7 emergency fire restoration services – typically onsite in under 2 hours
  • We work directly with insurance companies
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Complete smoke and odor removal from your property
  • Purify and clean the air
  • All areas that can be salvaged will be cleaned and sanitized
  • Protect undamaged property: We will carefully inventory  and package your property for removal and get it to the next step to be cleaned and restored
  • Water extractors to remove water in case of any water or extinguishing agents used to put out the fire
  • Restore and protect flooring
  • Coordination of duct cleaning and any necessary reconstruction

We provide fire and smoke damage restoration, cleanup and repair services throughout Burlington NC and the Alamance County area